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On location for Silver Nemesis at the Greenwich Gas Works (forget Lanzarote – this was the place to be) London 1988.

This is an area devoted to Doctor Who seen through the prism that is my creative involvement with this extraordinary phenomena. There’ll be much more to come, text, photos and imagers, as time allows, but for starters, particularly with new visitors in mind, you’ll find a dedicated Doctor Who ‘biography’ of myself and an insight into my 1995 Doctor Who art book, Blacklight which is still widely available from Amazon and specialist outlets, new and used mostly at reasonable prices. The YouTube video was created by Carlos Santillan on his own initiative but with my permission and a fantastic job he’s made of it too. Thank you Carlos! I love the this soundtrack and it adds a new dimension to my work. You can view it on YouTube here.

Andrew Skilleter ~ The Art of Doctor Who
Doctor Who art and the name of Andrew Skilleter became synonymous during the 1980s, establishing him as the foremost professional Who artist and the most identifiable since Chris Achilleos.  For over fifteen years, from 1979 to 1995, he was professionally and regularly involved with Doctor Who, his work including the iconic ‘The Five Doctors’ Radio Times cover, many  book covers including forty nine for Target and related books, BBC video covers, books, calendars, prints and other merchandise. This led him to working closely with the Doctor Who producer, John Nathan-Turner. His involvement included a long liaison with the BBC producing twenty-four distinctive video covers for the Doctor Who series, the collector’s Tardis and Dalek Tins, and other genre titles, including the Tripods. Special projects included the exterior of the BBC USA Exhibition Trailer launched at Elstree.
Blacklight : The Doctor Who Art of Andrew Skilleter, a large format, colour hardback written by the artist and published by Virgin, 1995, showcased a diverse selection of his professional Doctor Who work.
In the 1980s, together with his wife, he created a small publishing company, Who Dares, and for a number of years set new standards for printed Doctor Who merchandise also publishing a number of book titles for the UK  and USA, including the classic Cybermen book with David Banks, voted one of the best ever Who books, The Radio Times Doctor Who Art of Frank Bellamy and a highly illustrated biography of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare.
The artwork for Doctor Who required a sophisticated technique, portraiture abilities and an eye for accuracy.  Andrew became known for pushing the boundaries of the Whovian myth visually beyond the restraints of the TV images and portraiture, into speculative conceptual designs for such as the Ice Warriors, Sontarans, Gallifrey and others.
A new generation of adults who avidly consumed his work as children or teenagers became the latest collectors of his originals and commissioners of new art. It is inconceivable that David Tennant, Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat , Mark Gatiss and other current Who luminaries would not have consumed Andrew’s work at some stage or another in their younger years. It is through regular new private commissions that he keeps fresh his connection with Doctor Who.

With Sylvester McCoy on location in a Dorset quarry 1988 for The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Doctor Who USA Tour 1986 Exhibition Trailer Art Story

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