Welcome Back My Friends : The New Website is Go!

My new website updates and consolidates my online presence to make it the central landing area for professionals and followers of my work alike. The fresh new portfolio galleries are primarily for professional art commissioners and agents to view. These will be expanded over the coming weeks and months displaying mostly newer work and establishing my desired creative direction of travel for the future. The News area will keep everyone up to date together my Facebook Page.

The sparkling new mega Store features archival quality prints of new and classic work representing the many areas I’ve been involved with over the decades. It can also be browsed as a multi-faceted retrospective gallery.

It will be updated regularly with new products and concepts and I welcome constructive feedback on how it might be improved and what other items you’d like to see.

I’ve been very much hands on in building and populating the site together with David at Wonkaweb. Thanks to Hey Sarah for the extra encouragement. I’m so pleased to see it online and I look forward to hearing from professionals and followers alike.