For those who haven’t been yet, (that includes me, folks – couldn’t make the private view) or don’t know about it, there is a splendid exhibition, Doctor Who In Comics at the Cartoon Museum, London, ending October 30th.
I was asked by it’s Curator, Anita O’Brien, to loan my Doctor Who calendar painting from 1988, Time Off, featuring the Sixth Doctor, numerous aliens, futuristic bits and bobs, me and my wife and JNT. How’s that for value per square inch? It’s a large piece and I hope it looks good there. No reports of it being slashed yet. Don’t even think about it …

I’m really pleased to be part of the exhibition especially as it’s a bit of an exception to the comic strip rule. Despite the hundreds of Doctor Who pieces of art I’ve done, few have ever been exhibited. So this is a very rare opportunity to see a large piece. And for the half a dozen or so people who’ve still got jobs and money, it is for sale. The details are on the website if you can get the pix to load but I’m repeating them here : ‘Time Off’ : Who Dares Calendar 1989 20  x 18.25 inches (approx) Acrylics on rigid CS10 board, Price Guide £2000. Open to Offers and most of my originals can be purchased in instalments.

Andrew Skilleter